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My post-college employment so far includes a company of five employees, a company of around 25 employees, and a company with a perverted CEO that hired models as “content producers” so they could tramp around the office. I won’t name that certain company, but it rhymes with “Aperican Ammarel”. I’m finally working at a coporate-ish job where there are a lot of people I don’t know and I get to sit in a giant cubicle that can fit four people, but currently only has three. It’s sort of like Dilbert, but not really cause the environment is chill and laid back, and the dress code is casual. The next time I know it’s gonna be slow for me at the office I will show up with a shirt and tie and carry around a mug of coffee. Then I’ll straighten some papers, say out loud to nobody in particular, “Well, time for my meeting with Big Jim,” and walk off like I’m going to an important meeting but really sneak out to my car to nap.

I probably won’t do that nap part, but wearing the tie would be fun just to mess with everyone’s head. And I still subscribe to the dressing like your job description idea. I want to be a copywriter just so I can work on a typewriter and wear suspenders and smoke cigars, and then call everyone on my rotary phone.

There’s a water cooler, but no conversation happening around it. I knew it was a made-up for Hollywood creation.

Sunday, February 3, 2008
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