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I went to Wendy’s for lunch today, and on their value menu I saw a brand new sandwich called the “Stack Attack.” It claimed to be a double cheeseburger, and being the adventurous type I decided it would go nicely with my nuggets and chili to complete my healthy meal of veggies/poultry/meat. Upon receiving my order, I could think of other names the copywriters could have used instead of “Stack Attack.”

  • Crap Attack
  • Stack A-Crap
  • Crap A-Crap
  • Shit Attack
  • You paid 99 cents for this sandwich you cheap bastard, what did you expect?

And I’m not even getting paid to think these up.

Tomorrow is what everyone is calling “Super Tuesday.” Is that the official name or is it just something the media made up? Ah, Wikipedia says it’s been used since 1984, but doesn’t specify who first coined the phrase. I love the way they make it into some big event, like Black Friday or Manic Monday, but not Sunday cause that’s my funday.

Anyway, I can’t throw in my vote for Obama because I’m registered for the Green Party. I think. Does anyone know how I can check? Regardless, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he wins the Democratic nomination. I might regain some faith in politics again.

Monday, February 4, 2008
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