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Stuff White People Like is going into my list of the “greatest blogs ever”. Standing Still at Concerts, Divorce, and Japan are just dead-on, but then I got further into the site and came across Public Radio, Indie Music, Arrested Development, and David Sedaris, and that made me sad because I realized just how white I have become.

I’m going to make a blog called “Stuff Asian People Like,” and just have a giant photo of dim sum-style chicken feet. I guess I could also throw on the list:

  • Taking photos of food
  • Driving like morons in overcrowded parking lots
  • Naming their sons “Eric” because it is an anagram of “rice” and Chinese people love rice.

That’s right, I just stereotyped myself. I also ate ramen for both lunch and dinner today. Do what you will with that.

Monday, February 18, 2008
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