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Last weekend I picked up an HP S3200N Slimline Desktop at Best Buy for the bargain price of $313. It was a semi-impulsive buy because I wasn’t really shopping for one, but the price was really good and I figured it would work well as a home theater PC (HTPC).

When I got it home and set it up I found out that, lucky me, it came pre-installed with Windows Vista. I upgraded to XP and spent two hours cursing and drinking Chimay while trying to get the audio drivers to work. A note for anyone else having problems: Windows XP SP3 and Realtek Audio Drivers have issues.

I’ve now got it running MediaPortal to play my pirated movies and TV shows, and it’s got a really sweet interface for displaying movie posters and organizing my TV series into seasons and episodes. I’m going to be canceling Netflix for the time being because this setup makes it much more convenient to watch movies on the television, and there are way too many HBO/Showtime series that I can watch now.

I imagine that shortly after posting this entry the MPAA will be at my door.

Monday, March 10, 2008
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