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I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse set on Thursday to use with my media PC. I need it to reach about 8 feet so that I can use it from my sofa. The one I bought reached up to the edge of my coffee table. Close enough.

Come Sunday I find that it’s now lost a foot in range. Stupid wireless reception. None of the reviews or specs for wireless combos are very reliable, either. I’m just gonna go Bluetooth now and not worry about it.

Living as a bachelor means forgetting to eat dinner.

I was waiting in line at Yogurtland, and the person in front of me was filling up two cups, presumably one for him and one for his girlfriend. I thought to myself how awkwardly hilarious it would be if I went up to a cute girl with two cups of yogurt and said to her, “I got this for my girlfriend but she just left me. Do you want it?”

Monday, May 12, 2008
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