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Apparently I have a cold virus that’s been going around, although aside from some slight dizzyness and fatigue, the only symptom I have is a sore throat. It started on Monday, and then on Wednesday I went to see the doctor because my throat still hurt every time I swallowed. That’s a really odd sensation, and it’s about as much suck as it sounds.

I took to drinking a lot of tea with honey while at work to help soothe my throat, and because I love throwing money around I went to Ross to get a tea pot and a couple of coffee mugs. The mugs were actually something I’d been wanting to do for a while since I keep using (and wasting) paper cups at work and a (very tiny) part of my conscience nags at me every time I throw one away.

Of course, then I discovered that I don’t know how to make tea. I should start a new blog and call it I think I know I’m supposed to just boil the water first, and then when the whistle blows I turn the heat down and throw in the bag of tea leaves.

Okay, while I was writing this I googled “How to make tea.” It seems what I have purchased is in fact a tea kettle, and what I then need to do with the hot water is pour it into a teapot which holds the tea leaves, and from there the tea is poured into tea cups and drunken. Does all of that seem a bit excessive to anyone else? Anyway, guess I’ll need to go get a proper teapot now.

Every first-hand account I have heard about the new Indiana Jones movie has said it is horrible/retarded/sucks/blows/a turd. Meanwhile, it’s getting pretty good reviews, so something fishy is going on here. I’m wondering if I should even see it, because I constantly think to myself how much happier I would be if I never saw any of the Star Wars prequels, and maybe the same would be true about the Indiana Jones trilogy. But the other part of me is really curious to see just how bad this new movie is.

Meanwhile, I will be doing everything I can to help spread this awesome photo.

Friday, May 23, 2008
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