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I can hardly believe it myself, but I’ve been busy. I don’t get home until after 9pm Tuesday through Thursday because of the social dance class I’m taking and Rock Band practice. I’ve also gone out to Salsa bars a few times in the past couple of weeks and in general just not being at home and vegging out. I’m honestly a little disappointed in myself for having some semblance of a social life and no longer having entire evenings to just watch movies and episodes of 30 Rock and Freaks and Geeks.

Although, I did dedicate the entire weekend to playing Mass Effect. I can’t explain what about the game makes me want to keep playing. Saying it’s “fun” doesn’t give much detail, but there’s something about completing random side quests that makes me happy and fulfilled.

I have been consistently waking up before my alarm goes off at 8:15. Usually around 7, or even earlier sometimes, I’ll wake up and stumble to my phone to look at the time, only to go back to sleep. I really have no idea why, and this happens regardless of whether I go to sleep at midnight or at 2 in the morning. Today even, I went to sleep at 2 and was up at 7 feeling fully refreshed.

Last week I had a couple of dreams involving teeth falling out. Not the, “Oh no, my teeth are falling out and I can’t eat,” type, but the, “My back tooth has just shattered and the pieces are falling out of my mouth,” kind. I looked up the meanings of teeth falling out in dreams and none of them fit. Maybe I just need to go see a dentist.

I should apologize for blogging about my dreams. I just remembered an awesome quote about that from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

You know what Dee, I don’t want to hear about your dream, okay? I hate listening to people’s dreams. It’s like flipping through a stack of photographs. If I’m not in any of them, and nobody’s having sex, I just… don’t care.

I settled on a Logitech S510 Cordless keyboard/mouse for my living room computer, and it’s been working perfectly. Far better reception than that crappy Microsoft set I had, and this thing isn’t even bluetooth.

Gone Baby Gone is perhaps the best film I’ve seen in a long while, probably one of my favorite movies that was released in 2007. The final message it conveys is just morally ambiguous enough to be satisfying. Me likey.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
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