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I drove past a park today and saw a group of children gathered together in celebration, and in the middle of the group was a piñata. Seeing the paper-maché donkey filled with (probably) delectable treats reminded me how much I want to get people together for a random occasion, if nothing else than to whack a piñata of our own.

Then I thought about how the whole process is supposed to work. The person (or whacker, as we shall call him/her) is blindfolded, given a stick, spun around a few times, and then told to hit the piñata. Someone else controls the piñata with a rope and lifts it up and down, and the whacker has to use the Force to locate the target and try to hit it. What the heck is the point of this entire process?

I remember at one point or another, someone would help the whacker out, and they would point them in the right direction and just as they’re about to swing, the piñata is again pulled out of the way. Is everyone in the party supposed to be given a fair shot at the piñata? Are there any rules to the whole piñata process? And why is it that the person who breaks the piñata is usually left standing, still blindfolded and thus unable to see, while everyone else runs forward to grab the candy that has now broken free?

The whole process seems very chaotic and unfair, if you ask me. Still, who can resist the idea of beating the crap out of something to get free candy?

Sunday, July 6, 2008
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