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Bio-Dome was not as entertaining as I remembered. The story of why I even watched it to begin with involved thinking to myself that I would like to watch Clueless and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure again. Say what you will, Clueless was an entertaining movie. And Bill and Ted is just classic. Not so much the sequel though. I remember it being not so classic.

Anyway, somehow I thought to myself it would be fun to watch Bio-Dome too. I know, it’s Pauly Shore and he’s an idiot, but in my mind the movie was stupid yet stupid funny. It turns out the movie is neither. It’s just insultingly dumb. The guy just rambles and pronounces words in odd ways and then starts dancing and occasionally hits Stephen Baldwin. That’s right, there’s a Baldwin in Bio-Dome in case you had forgotten. And mostly everyone forgot Kylie Minogue was in it too.

Now I sort of want to watch In the Army Now (Hotwheels!), and that’s gonna make me want to watch Tank Girl. See if you can find the connection in those two.

I finally started reading Harry Potter. I went to a comic book store in Costa Mesa that was closing down to look for graphic novels, and they had some of the Harry Potter books there. I’m probably the only person walking in there who would even consider buying them, and now I’m thinking I should go back to get the other ones they had. They only had books 1 and 4-7, so I’ll have to dig up 2 and 3 from somewhere.

I’m about 40 pages in so far and it’s actually pretty good. The story moves at a good pace and it’s engaging enough to make me want to keep reading. I can see how people read through these books so fast.

Now some random links: Here’s one of concept art for the Joker in The Dark Knight. Sick.

Here’s a funny comic that’s funny cause it’s true but also makes me sad. It’s like the swiss army knife of comics.

This dynolicious app for the iPhone looks pretty sweet too. Clever that someone even thought of it and was able to make it so accurate.

Friday, August 8, 2008
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