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Mr. I work at Apple on the iPod team with my fancy PDF Designer skills linked me to this amazing Journey video of “Don’t Stop Believin'” available on the iTunes store. I expected it to just be a music video, but it actually looks to be a live performance, and man is it sweet. I’m tempted to even buy it. Look at that, me legally purchasing digital media for once.

This also gets me upset that they still don’t have “Don’t Stop Believin'” out for Rock Band yet. What the heck is going on over there guys? They could seriously charge $10 for the one track alone and I would pony the cash up without any hesitation. $10 is nothing compared to being able to play that song, widely considered to be the greatest song of all time1.

I may have to resort to pulling a Shawshank and write one letter a day to them until they finally release it.

1 Based on a poll conducted of people named Eric Lim without a middle name living within the city of Costa Mesa.

Thursday, August 21, 2008
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