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I underestimated people’s enthusiasm for embarrassing themselves in front of strangers when a couple of my friends suggested a swing dance class for my birthday. Surely everyone else will scoff and suggest we get tea and scones and wear monocles and laugh politely as we discuss the stock market, I thought. Nope, instead everyone says, “Sure, sounds good.” Most interesting…

I usually frequent Atomic Ballroom on Wednesdays for Salsa, and on those nights I would say about 30 people show up, but never more than 10 couples out on the dance floor. On Friday for Swing the intro class alone easily had at least 30 people in it, and into the night the ballroom packed out. My friends all seemed to take to East Coast Swing very well, even better than they did to Salsa or Lindy, which is surprising to me considering the footwork and rhythm.

I got my own embarrassing moment when they made everyone who was celebrating their birthday get in the middle of the dance floor and do a “birthday dance” while anyone who was willing could cut in for a dance. I would like to say thanks to all of my friends for choosing to NOT dance with me. Punks.

Then I got drunk (at a bar, not at Atomic. Atomic doesn’t serve alcohol), yelled at people at a Del Taco because they wouldn’t serve walk-ups at the drive-thru (they’ve done it twice before, so I wasn’t randomly yelling. I had a reason.), ate corn dogs and watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. By the way, for the longest time I always remembered Socrates being the best part of that movie (Pronounced Sow-Crates. They actually refer to him as Socrates Johnson at one point. I’m so naming my cat that if I ever get one), but at one point they actually say “Beef Oven.” Get it? Beef Oven = Beethoven.

So much better than Bio-Dome.

Sunday, September 7, 2008
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