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I have my delicious green Xbox 360. I’ve played Castle Crashers and realized I suck at beat ‘em ups. Then I ordered a second controller so my imaginary friends can play with me. If you want to be my friend on Xbox Live, add me! (gamertag: valloq).

They laid people off at my office on Thursday. This is the second time this year they’ve had layoffs at my workplace – the first time was back in March I believe. It’s rather scary being employed at a time when the economy is in the shape it is in. I was talking to some of my friends my age and realizing that we’ve never gone through this before given that most of us joined the workforce only four years ago.

For anyone out there who is curious to know why the economy is currently in the shape it is in, and I hope that is everyone, I highly advise you to check out the This American Life podcast on The Giant Pool of Money. Its focus is on the housing crisis, but that explains a lot of what’s going on today with all the bankruptcies and buy-outs.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008
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