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Ha. I almost forgot I needed a blog post for today. I was just gonna come home and steam some dumplings (I’m so damn Chinese) and then head out to write, and I imagine halfway through my writing I would go, “Oh no! NaBloPoMo!” and then I would spend about 15 seconds repeating “NaBloPoMo” in my head because it sounds funny before scrambling to leave so I could make my post. So, here is my post.

Here’s a fun thing to try. Try to wake up way earlier than you usually do on a work day. And don’t use your alarm to cheat. I set my alarm about 15 minutes earlier than usual, but said to myself, “Okay, if I can wake up at 7 then I’ll leave at 7, get to work early and do my writing.” Needless to say I woke up with my alarm.

The funny part comes when I explain that I got to work about half an hour before I’m supposed to, only to see my coworker arrive early too. “You’re here early,” I say. “It’s 9:30,” he says. “It’s 8:30,” I say, laughing. Ah, daylight savings. Glad it got someone. I managed to get in about 150 words before everyone came in and ruined my concentration time.

The election is tomorrow. From the numbers I’ve seen at FiveThirtyEight, it looks like Obama is pretty much guaranteed. However, being the chaos lover and conspiracy theorist that I am, I think there is a fair chance that the election will be stolen somehow. I have a bet with my Republican and coffee friend Brad that if Obama wins he gets a frosty, and if McCain wins then I get a frosty. Guess who’s rootin’ for McCain tomorrow! (Not really. Only sorta.)

Monday, November 3, 2008
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