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The quarterfinal kickball matches are tonight, although I can’t be entirely sure because I didn’t get an e-mail from the kickball coordinator. Last week ABC news was supposed to come out and do a piece on kickball but they couldn’t make it, and plus there’s usually a weekly kickball newsletter and technical difficulties prevented that from making its way out as well. Being the nice guy I am, I replied with only the message, “fail.” I fear I may have been taken off the e-mail list because of that.

I’ve been steaming dumplings from the same bag for over a month now, and yet they’re still good. Part of me should be worried but part of me loves dumplings.

Some guy at Starbucks the other day was watching All The President’s Men on his laptop. I guess it must be really busy at his place that he couldn’t watch it at home. I should try to figure out a believable reason behind why he would have to watch a movie at Starbucks and not the comfort of his own home and work it into my story, seeing as how I’m short on ideas as it is.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
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