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I went to a new Mexican restaurant I found on Yelp for lunch today, and out in front a woman was selling bootleg DVDs. I couldn’t believe it. Granted it’s Santa Ana, but the area wasn’t a particularly bad one and it was just a shock seeing as how it had been so long since I saw someone selling bootleg DVDs.

The sky looked like I was on my way to Mt. Doom today as apparently there’s some fires nearby. At first I thought they were from the Sylmar fire up in LA, but turns out Anaheim Hills is on fire too. It’s sorta weird not watching television anymore and not having any idea about what’s going on locally.

The Leaf 4 Dead demo is kinda fun and kinda scary. Mostly scary because I played by myself and my computer-controlled teammates waited for me to always take the lead. One part in particular I was in an area and you could hear crying, and apparently it signals that the Witch is nearby and she don’t like flashlights, so I approached a door and opened it in complete darkness. Good thing she wasn’t inside. I kind of doubt I’ll be picking this up for the 360 since I had issues aiming with the controller in such frantic moments.

I dream about Gears of War 2. That’s sad.

Saturday, November 15, 2008
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