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The power went out last night. I tried to find a wi-fi signal but couldn’t connect to anything, although I am thoroughly impressed with the Macbook’s reception. Luckily I had Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s, so it wasn’t until after we got back that we saw the neighborhood was completely dark. I spent a little while watching the workers on the street below us with a telescope hoping they would hurry up and fix the power already.

Guess who has high cholesterol again? Raises hand This guy! It’s slightly higher than it was at my peak, so I guess I need to go on a super diet again. What makes it worse is that there’s no gym or treadmill at my apartment complex, and by the time I get off work it’s already dark out. Maybe I could forgo the cardio portion of the diet…

I got some dumbbells from my buddy Richard so I can work out these already amazing guns of mine, and by amazing I mean they struggled to lift 10 pound weights and now my left arm is kinda sore although it could also be because I had blood drawn from my left arm. Let’s just say it was the needle that did it and not the weights.

Oh yes, I hit 25,000 words! Woohoo. I’ll probably hit up a couple of coffee shops back in Eagle Rock the next couple of days though to get it up more.

Friday, November 28, 2008
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