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Thanks to Cheap Ass Gamer and my awkward coffee friend, I now have Guitar Hero 3 and an unopened copy of Halo 3 for my Xbox 360. I said to myself when I first got my console that I wouldn’t get more games until I finished what I was currently playing. Well I now have five games (six if you count Castle Crashers) for my Xbox 360 and I haven’t beaten a single one of them yet. Two of those games are still unopened.

At least I’m almost done with GTA IV. I’ve been rushing through it as of late cause I found out there’s an achievement for beating the game in under 30 hours, and right now I’m around the 26 hour mark. I’m pretty confident there’s less than four hours of gaming left to finish the main story, and then I can just goof around afterwards and try to get other achievements if I feel like doing so.

Expert mode in Guitar Hero 3 is much harder than it is in Rock Band or Rock Band 2. Just thought I’d throw that out there. And rocking out with a plastic guitar in your home by yourself is both sad and fun.

I went to DanScene on Sunday to check out their West Coast Swing lessons on a recommendation from my friend Brian. I took their beginner class just to see what it was like and was surprised to see that the instructor Martin Parker didn’t really go through the basics/foundations. He just went right into the underhand turn for the ladies. It was also kind of interesting cause it seemed like everyone there was a regular.

I might stick with DanScene for a while since it seems they teach a bigger variety of moves and levels, and Martin was cool enough to ask me to show him what I knew so he could recommend which class for me (he suggested the beginner/intermediate class but I’ll stick with beginner now since he taught a move I didn’t know). I went through about 10 classes at Atomic but feel like I only know five or six moves, but that could be my own fault.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
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