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I beat Grand Theft Auto 4, and in under 30 hours too. Part of me feels like a super loser for rushing through the game just to get a lame “achievement” that isn’t really an achievement at all, but more like a, “You’re playing a video game, so let’s give you some nerd badges of honor.” I probably would have rushed through to finish the game anyway because it was getting tedious and I just wanted to get it over with. I imagine if I had actually spent my time and became friends with all the characters and gone on dates I could get another 10-20 hours of gameplay from the game, but it got boring.

Now I’m tempted to resell the game to try to get back what I paid for it, and then snatch it up again when it drops in price to like $10. Yes, I am a cheap ass, and you have to admit it’s not a bad idea.

I feel like I’ve been pretty good on my diet, but it’s so hard not to eat delicious burritos and french fries and other fried concoctions. I’ve got a graduation lunch to attend on Saturday and then a Christmas party in the evening and I’m sure I’ll just be eating whatever the heck I feel like. I’ve also been reading some articles out there on the internets saying there is no proven link between fat/cholesterol levels and heart disease. Curious.

In the other world of fitness and health, I’m still trying to do my dumbbell lifts every day. Three sets of ten. My left arm is far weaker than the right and I’m going to have to work on that until I can add more weight on. As for visible improvement, now anytime I double click the mouse a couple of stitches in my sleeves rip out. I’m just kidding about that – I don’t wear shirts when I use a computer. I get sweaty.

Friday, December 12, 2008
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