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My cousin graduated from college on Saturday. I drove back to Pasadena to attend the little party afterwards where it was amusing to see all the Asians gathered in one room watching a bootleg of Red Cliff</cite and all the white people in another room. Segregation! Change!

Then I headed back to Irvine for a holiday party where people didn’t like my version of the card game Bullshit (which thanks to Wikipedia I now know is Russian Bullshit). I did however eat a lot of flax seed chips I got from Trader Joe’s and drank delicious apple cider with rum.

I missed beginning West Coast Swing on Sunday because I went to the shooting range instead. Shooting guns is fun. Shot a 9mm, .40, .357, and a .45. I remember my first time I was rather intimidated by the .45, but this time it didn’t seem like such a big deal at all. Then I went home and read up on air pistols and wondered if I wanted to become one of “those guys.”

I think I saw Greg Storey the other day at Fry’s. Does that make me a super nerd for feeling like I met a web celebrity? Next I’m gonna hunt down Zeldman and Jason Santa Maria.

I scored a lame 39.2% on this film addict quiz taken from the top 250 films from IMDB. It’s quite sad that I haven’t seen the Godfathers or most of Kubrick or Hitchcock’s stuff. It’s all just sitting on my computer and instead I watch Step Brothers. At least I watched Deliverance last night, so I’m getting a better about watching those classics that so many people consider required. Compare your score to mine. Stolen from Kottke..

Monday, December 15, 2008
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