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For all the lovely ladies I am currently dating and the fifteen people that visit my website and are probably the same fifteen that call me, just a heads-up that my phone is not working right now and probably won’t be working until Sunday. I’m still on a family plan with my family (duh) and my dad did some shady renewing stuff this past weekend, so I think my SIM card is being deactivated, then reactivated on another account, then deactivated again, and finally some new phone sitting at home back in Pasadena is activating.

So yeah. I may have a new phone. Or not, depending on how I like the new one my dad picked out for me. It’s gonna be hard to top my trusty Nokia 3120 with its “drop on the pavement and don’t worry about it” feature.

I finally went back to Danscene for another West Coast Swing lesson. It was a bit…odd cause it was only me and another lady that showed up, although some other people were just off to the side chatting and having a laugh. Then the instructor Martin proceeded to ask me to show him what I knew followed by him saying what could be summed up as, “You’re doing it wrong.” I think by the end of the lesson though I had most of it fixed.

I’m trying to think about what I did on Wednesday and I can’t remember. That’s not good.

Friday, December 19, 2008
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