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Well, I completely missed the inauguration (I’m not waking up that early), and I’m too lazy to sit through the entire video. I started reading the transcript of Obama’s speech and stopped after the second paragraph. Don’t think I don’t care, though. I would label myself as being “cautiously optimistic” about our new president. He says good stuff and I don’t cringe when he speaks, I just doubt he’ll escape corruption forever. Let’s not forget Obama voted for and still supports Telco Spy Immunity.

But on to fun stuff! has a pretty sweet redesign, one that I’m quite jealous of cause it would’ve been nice to have done the work on it. Thanks to some investigative work from my fellow Google gumshoes, looks like Scott Thomas of SimpleScott is responsible for the design work. Good job on making a government website that I might actually find myself visiting from time to time.

Of course The Onion has the best fake news on the inauguration. Hillary Clinton Mouthing Along To Presidential Oath:

As she stood watching several yards from Chief Justice John Roberts, the former Democratic presidential candidate could be observed placing her left hand on a leather appointment book and raising her right hand slightly from her hip.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
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