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Physical activity is not one of my favorite things to do. It just requires so much energy, and then there’s the possibility of sweating. I stay up late a lot of the time because I’m too lazy to get up out of my chair and brush my teeth.

However, I have been pretty good about the weight lifting I started at the end of last year. I’ve moved on now to 18 lb. dumbbells, from the 13 lb. I started with. For those of you who like percentages, that’s about a 50% increase. I like saying that because it makes it sound like I’m lifting that much more.

I struggle with them quite a bit though. My next step is to get to breathing really hard while I lift, and then through gritted teeth say in a single breath, “God you’re so fucking beautiful.” On the next lift I’ll say, “Look at these huge muscles, man.” Soon enough I’ll be just like this guy.

On my gentler side, I had another West Coast Swing lesson on Sunday, and once again realized how little I know and how much of my technique I need to work on. I’m contemplating switching over to Lindy Hop since there’s a lot more young people doing that dance. My West Coast Swing class seems to consist of folks in their 40s and 50s, and as much as I would be up for going on safari and looking for cougars, that’s highly unlikely.

But I’m taking the social dance class at IVC again. For the fourth time! At least it keeps me busy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
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