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The last time I attempted to use Twitter, I lasted all of 12 minutes. I was overwhelmed with the people updating every few minutes with completely random tweets. What sort of person thinks that other people would be interested in knowing that the delivery man just knocked on their door? And what sort of people are actually interested in that? With time to recollect on Twitter and all of this web 2.0 social networking stuff boiling down to a big vat of narcissism, I’m giving it another try, and this time I just don’t care if other people want to hear about what I’m doing. I’m gonna tell you anyway! And if you update with completely random and uninteresting information, I will and shall unfollow you. Double standards for the win.

I’m not gonna bother to integrate my Twitter with this blog though. You can follow on your own. This is my attempt to bring more people onto the bandwagon. Basically, if I have a random thought and it’s under 140 characters, it will be on Twitter. Otherwise it’s coming here.

Oh yes, I added Mr. Wtfisalol’s second blog into my about page, Brad and Coffee, because apparently having two blogs isn’t enough for him when he’s also carrying conversations in every social medium available. He might have been on Friendster too, just forgot to mention it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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