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I hadn’t seen the neighborhood cat in quite a while. My assumption was that with the cold weather he was staying indoors. A part of me missed seeing him around, but he’s not my cat and it’s best I don’t get too attached.

Then the other day some friends were over at my place and from my front door we heard a meow. I’ve come to the conclusion that the cat can hear our voices from outside and that’s how he knows to come visit. Naturally I let him in and he visited with me for a while before I finally shooed him out, which is quite an undertaking in itself because he’s a scratcher.

A few days later I spotted him under a car as I pulled into my parking spot. As I made my way over to my apartment, I see him slyly making his way over as well, and then he goes up the stairs that are over my front door. I don’t know what he’s playing at, until I open my door to go in, and I watch him glide down the stairs as fast as he can to try to sneak into my place. What a rascal.

The next day he doesn’t even try to be sneaky. He’s just sitting on my welcome mat, not making eye contact with me but obviously waiting for me to open the door. And this time, instead of just lying in the middle of my living room licking himself like he usually does, he decided to plop himself down on my bed and get comfy. Now I’m getting worried that he’s becoming too comfortable at my place, and while I don’t mind having him around, I don’t exactly have a litter box or food for him. Random poop in the apartment = unhappy Eric.

Finally, a couple of days ago he came a meowing/scratching at my front door when he heard me playing Halo with the headset on. I did my best to ignore him, but then he went to my front patio and started pounding on the screen door there. I looked at him through the glass door once or twice and tried to politely shoo him away, but he kept at it. Finally he went around to my back door and proceeded to pound on the screen door there. I swear if it wasn’t a cute cat doing all of this I would’ve been freaking out like I was in some slasher film.

Thursday, February 5, 2009
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