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I’ve been keeping up with Twitter. In a way, at least. Still using it since I first announced I was getting back on the bandwagon, and it’s a lot of fun stalking celebrities (Hi Felicia Day!). The updates I post have also sort of taken the place of this blog for me, so I’ll try and think of some relevant stuff to write on here.

Starting in February I decided to suspend my West Coast Swing lessons indefinitely. I was learning a lot and slowly getting better, but because the crowd that does the dance is usually much older, I realized I wasn’t going to use it too much. I’m taking the Social Dance class at IVC again, and if anything I’ll learn some Swing/Lindy Hop in the future since that’s what them young kids like to do these days.

I finally finished reading The Liar’s Club by Mary Karr. It came very close to failing my “30 page or lose it” rule, but I trudged on, and the ending was actually quite good. I’m also convinced that I have no sense of humor when it comes to reading. All the reviews for this book said it was funny, and even Amazon calls it a “funny, razor-edged memoir.” I laughed once, maybe twice at most while reading this. Although I have found David Sedaris’ stuff to be damn funny. Maybe literary book reviewers just have a more sophisticated sense of humor than I do.

My plan was to get back to Harry Potter next, but I didn’t realize that Watchmen was coming out in a few weeks, so I’m now re-reading it. I’m also trying to slow it down and spend more time looking at the artwork (thanks Felicia Day!), which is actually quite revealing since Dave Gibbons drew in a lot of details that really help the experience. I’m hoping the movie doesn’t turn out to be a big disappointment and that Zach Snyder didn’t decide to take a big dump on the source material. I Am Legend, I’m looking at you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009
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