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I lied. Swapped out my Facebook status at the top of the page with my latest twitter update. I’ve found myself updating twitter more frequently than my Facebook status, which is probably a bit odd considering Facebook has the bigger audience for me, but whatevs. I’m starting to see the value in twitter though and think it’d be pretty cool if all of my friends joined. All three of you.

In regards to my latest tweet, I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night and wasn’t all that impressed. My biggest complaint comes from the predictability of the movie. There were quite a few scenes where I knew what the outcome would be and that ruined the experience. Granted there are a lot of movies that are predictable in a way, so maybe saying there was a lack of suspense would be a better way of putting it.

I’m going to have to put it ahead of Milk and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but in all none of those three films wowed me. I still think The Dark Knight was robbed, but then again the Oscars are a sham anyway.

Thursday, February 19, 2009
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