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I have begun watching How I Met Your Mother and love it. NPH is so much win in that show. Of the four episodes I’ve seen I’m starting to feel that he’s there for nothing else than to create comedy, but we’ll see if his character develops over the seasons.

I had intended to start up The Wire as well, but I have been preoccupied playing Fable 2 which I managed to snag at Circuit City. The odd thing about the game is that I’m not finding myself entirely engrossed in it, yet it’s still somewhat fun just to watch the character change and develop. My hero had a fat belly at one point, but then I got him eating fruits and veggies and he’s slimmed back down now. It’s funny watching him eat celery and instantly lose weight. If only it were so easy in real-life.

The game feels rather shallow though, like it touches on different aspects that could turn out to be really cool but don’t quite go there. I played the first Fable for a little while, but then remember that I got on a mission I couldn’t beat and just gave up and never returned to it. I’m still getting that same vibe with the sequel, and there’s a good possibility that I’ll try to sell/trade it once I beat it and then maybe re-purchase it in the future when it drops in price.

My second read-through of Watchmen went very well, and I enjoyed it a lot more this time around. It helped that I knew all (or most) of the twists and developments in the story, so dialog that didn’t make sense without this knowledge suddenly became clear and brought on a new level of appreciation. I remember when I first read it some 4-5 years ago I was very underwhelmed and didn’t completely agree with the ending of the book. The storytelling really stood out this time though, and it was a great combination of writing and art that was able to bring it about.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
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