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Someone found my site by googling “eric lim girlfriend.” What is that about? And while I’m in Google Analytics looking at my stats, I’ve been linked by some site called Paper Hat Boy. What’s even more amusing is that I’m looking to see where my link is and I find it under the “Friends” section. Who the hell is this and why are they listing me as their friend? Leave it to David Crary to create yet another website.

For the record, my blog has existed at three URLs. Let’s see if you can top that.

Sticking with my strictly low cholesterol and low fat diet, I drove out to Santa Ana last night to get some delicious Popeye’s fried chicken. Pulling up to the restaurant I saw inside a good mix of Black, Mexican, Asian, and White people dressed in a manner befitting of those of the lower-income class, and I had never been happier to see them. It was an odd realization that in my daily travels the only sort of people I run into usually fit into the classification of “working professionals.”

Well the chicken was delicious, and so were the fries, and the biscuit that I lathered with honey was as amazing as I remembered. Of course, after taking my last bite I realized my fingers and mouth were covered in grease and that it probably wasn’t for the best. Eh, high cholesterol and heart disease are a myth anyway.

The main quest in Fable 2 is quite short, and even with me taking my time and completing a lot of the side quests first I still finished the game in about a week. There’s still some stuff I can do, although the quest “Love Hurts” has bugged out for me and there’s no way to fix it. Stupid Lionhead and Peter Molyneaux.

I stand by my initial remarks on the game. Looking back on my play-through, it didn’t feel like I even “played” a game, like I exerted no real effort in my actions. Heck there isn’t even a final boss battle or anything like that. I seriously held down a button and bam, evil king dude that killed my sister died just like that.

The game gets points for reminding me of how much I enjoy simulation games though. I’ve been getting a kick out of dressing my hero up and changing hair styles, but even then it’s not all that versatile. I’m up in the air right now as to whether I should try to sell the game or just hold on to it to repurchase later at a cheaper price. I can’t really say it’s disappointing as I expected this much from the gamer and it delivered mediocrity.

Monday, March 2, 2009
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