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I am finished with season one of The Wire and I loved it. I started up the first episode of the second season, but unfortunately it was already late and I started to doze off about halfway through. I’ve been hearing from people who loved season two and people who hated season two, so we’ll see in which camp I belong. I’ve been hesitant to jump into watching The Wire again though, mostly because I know it’ll slowly take over any semblance of an actual life.

Battlestar Galactica is coming to an end this Friday, and I’m rather excited. Looking back though, I’m starting to feel like the show isn’t nearly as good as it was when it first started, and this ending could very well be unsatisfactory. The first part of the final chapter felt like a wash with the random flashbacks to life before the Cylon attack. What the heck was that? That better pay off in this Friday’s episode or else I’ll shake my fist at the screen.

Bioshock is quickly reminding me how big of a girl I become when it comes to scary stuff. It’s odd because I know it’s just a game, and I know that if I die I just respawn and it’s no biggie, but the suspense really gets my heart pumping.

There I am, knee-deep in water with a hand that shoots freaking lightning wading down a corridor at the end of which are shadows of some crazy dude holding a wrench when the lights go out. Of course I try to stay calm, so I make my magic hand produce fire in the hopes that it’ll provide some light (it doesn’t). It’s bad enough that I can switch to my other hand which wields a shotgun perfect for blowing off people’s heads, but something about being in the dark and not knowing what I’m up against really freaks me out.

Of course this means I’ve been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance instead, which isn’t all that fun when I’m just playing by myself. I should ask some of the neighborhood kids if they want to come play with my in my apartment. That’s not weird at all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
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