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I got hosed four times this weekend by driving to stores only to find that they were closed. Four times. You’d think I would have learned after the second time, but no. I refuse to learn. The first time was on Saturday when I wanted to try Fuji’s for dinner. I already knew from the previous week that they were closed on Sunday (don’t worry, I didn’t find that out first-hand), so I had planned to give it a try on Saturday. Unbeknownst to me, they decided that 7pm was as late as they needed to be open. You don’t know how incredibly frustrating that is when I kept thinking about biting into a burrito with fried rice and bbq pork.

The second occasion was on Sunday, yes, Easter Sunday, when I drove out to Huntington Beach once again, this time to check out a book sale. 15 minutes later I pull into a mostly empty parking lot and mutter some curses under my breath.

Then Target, of all freaking places, decides to close early. At least I’m assuming they closed early. That would be even more messed up if they weren’t open on Easter Sunday at all.

Last was an ice cream shop, although I’ll give them a pass because they’re a family-owned store.

So tonight I head back to Target. At least I can score some 50% off Easter candy. Easter’s gonna be good for something else besides closing stores down that I want to go to. Damn you, you evil bunny.

Monday, April 13, 2009
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