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I’ve started up, yes, yet another blog! I got kind of sick of sending people links to stuff all the time, and having people send me links and saying, “Dude check this out,” and then I get to be a killjoy and say, “Already saw it. Lawl.”

So I’ve got a blog where I’m just linking to stuff I run across on the internet. It’s not absolutely everything I see, but it’s stuff I think is notable enough to be linked. Check it out over at

I’m not quite sure why I went to tumblr. I wasn’t even sure what tumblr was, although I was under the impression that they were intended for short, quick posts as opposed to lotsa writing and blabbing. It works perfect for me in this case. Maybe I’ll skin it later on if I get bored or feel inspired.

Monday, April 20, 2009
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