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I am jealous of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Audrey Niffenegger has essentially written the novel I had in mind and have toiled over for the past few years. And for the past few years I mean a few weeks in November of 2008. It’s still a very similar idea and I’m upset that she was able to pull it off so flawlessly. I already wrote about it before, and there’s not much else that needs to be said. The Time Traveler’s Wife is going up there with Bel Canto as a book that I will easily recommend to everyone to read.

There’s a movie version coming out later this year, starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. I always feel like Eric Bana’s last name needs an eñe in it. Perhaps I shall go edit his wiki later…

But anyway, I’m a bit skeptical of this film adaptation, as I am of all film adaptations. It’s a rather long story and as usual it’s not all going to make it into the movie. Plus I’m sure it will be heavily marketed towards the ladies, so it’ll be really awkward when I show up at the theater in my Delorean and life preserver and ask for one ticket for the time travel movie.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
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