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The Wire is done and finished with. I managed to go through season five in about the span of a week, but I wouldn’t say because it was engrossing, but more because I knew it was the show’s final season and I wanted to see how it all played out. I wasn’t disappointed, and thought the way the show ended was very fitting.

I’m now going to tell everyone I know to watch this show. Everyone who gives it a chance eventually gets hooked. A cousin of mine is well underway in season two right now. I actually feel like I need to watch season one again to remember what happened. It feels so long ago.

For anyone who has completed the show, I would suggest checking out all the stuff Jason Kottke posted about it back during seasons four and five. Lots of interviews with the creator David Simon and general discussions about everything The Wire was about.

I can understand why so many people call The Wire the greatest television show ever. Nothing else can really compare to it in the same genre, much less any genre. I wouldn’t confuse “greatest show” with “favorite show” though. I’m still tempted to watch Veronica Mars again…

I think I would have to rank the seasons as 4 > 3 > 5 > 1 > 2. It’s a bit hard to say since I have trouble recalling what happened in season one. I still stand by my opinion of season two being really slow and lame though. Especially Ziggy. That guy was annoying.

Now I’ve gotta pick another drama/serial to start watching. I’m sure whatever I pick is going to pale in comparison.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
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