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My HTPC started acting up a couple of weeks ago. It seemed random – the home screen would just lock up and display gibberish, then the flash of a blue screen before it automatically restarted itself. Videos would freeze up sometimes too. I ran some tests to make sure it wasn’t the memory/cpu/video card and all seemed well, so I made the assumption it was a software issue and did a much needed reformat on the computer. I perhaps made the mistake of installing Windows XP SP3 Beta the first time around, and so did a fresh install of SP3 final.

After several days of adjusting and tweaking and reinstalling, all seems to be working now. I’m still waiting for my new remote to arrive from Hong Kong, so that’s my final hold-up. It can be frustrating getting things to work sometimes, but there’s a feeling of satisfaction when it all comes together.

For any of you interested in setting one up as well, I’m still using MediaPortal, which is an off-shoot of the XBMC project.

Sunday, September 27, 2009
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