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It was probably a given, but my mustache so far would be considered “far from impressive.” On the other hand, my chin fuzz is progressing nicely and is pretty damn sweet if you ask me. It’s a shame my sideburns aren’t growing out though, and I have random strands of hair on my face that don’t really belong where they are. My freshly-installed HTPC is still acting up, the exact same issue as before. I’m fairly puzzled now, although I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the software. Maybe if I just ignore it it’ll go away…

I’ve re-begun Salsa lessons, again. I’m in for 10 lessons this time, and I think I’ve got about seven left, so at the end I better be a mean Salsa dancing machine.

Oh yes, and I’ve been working on a redesign of Not really a blog redesign as I’m going to be integrating a lot of my web presence into one spot, so we’ll see how long that takes me to finish.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
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