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And the site has been redesigned. If you’ve visited in the past week then you’ve already seen this latest reincarnation of the home page. I went through the site last night and tried to adjust all the interior pages I could. There may be a few stragglers. So what made me do it? Partially being bored and feeling the need to exert some creativity, which usually comes in designing websites for myself.

Also in coming to the realization that my life is practically documented online – does a good job of tracking what I listen to, my Tumblr has all the stuff I find interesting on the web, and Twitter’s got my mini-thoughts. So why not just throw them all into a single spot as a representative of who I am?

Throughout the year I also maintain lists of movies I watch and books I read. I started up a list of TV shows as well since I’ve been making my way through a lot of series, and the end result is what you see now.

For any people out there curious to do the same, the RSS feeds are all being brought in through SimplePie. I maintain my lists with Dropbox, which I highly suggest everyone sign up for just cause it’s free and it’s awesome.

So in effect, has now become more of a portal for myself than simply a blog. Now quit asking me what I’m listening to or what I’m watching or reading. I pretty much don’t need to talk to people anymore.

Monday, October 26, 2009
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