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Secret Santa has always seemed a bit…unrefined to me. Usually you and a bunch of friends agree to do it, so you draw names out of a hat, and then you’re off to get a gift for the name you draw. If you pulled your own name, score!

But the fun starts to go away when people decide to give out lists of items they would like to receive. What’s the point in that? Just go buy it yourself!

So of course, since I’m such a big fan of Christmas and the Christmas spirit, I signed up for the giant secret santa being organized for one of my favorite sites, Reddit. The organizers created a website called RedditGifts to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Initially I had the plan to immerse my giftee in an ARG by mailing them subtle clues and setting up websites that would lead them on a trail to their ultimate prize! With the internet at my disposal I was hoping I could do a decent job stalking my giftee to find an appropriate present at the end. It would have been a lot of fun for me and for them.

Unfortunately, I started to get busy at work (damn job), and my gift receiver was all the way in the UK. Given more time though, maybe in the future I could pull it off.

Oh yeah, I received a Beep-It Optical Theremin from my Secret Santa. Kinda neat.

Saturday, January 2, 2010
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