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After ten years behind the wheel, I finally got into my very first auto accident. Amazing odds, especially with the Asian factor =) Luckily the accident wasn’t my fault, and in the end there was very little hassle involved, but since getting my car back on Wednesday I’ve found myself driving just a tad more cautiously.

The details – I was making a protected left turn. She was making a right turn onto the same street I was turning on to. The left turn arrow lit up green for me, so I proceeded, and noticed that she hadn’t seen me and was turning onto the street as well.

I figure okay, no big deal, the street’s three lanes wide, and I’ll just turn into my lane. I even gave it a little more gas to speed out of the way. The next thing I hear is a loud “bump” against the right side of my car.

I slowed down after realizing I had been hit. The lady pulled up next to me and said, “Oops, my fault.” I asked her if she was okay, and then pointed over to a hydrant and asked her to pull over there so we could swap info. I sort of botched it since I forgot to get her driver’s license info and her phone number, but I got all of her insurance and car registration info, and that was enough to go on.

The damage on my car was all on the rear passenger side. The wheel got a little scuffed up, the rear door was completely dented in and could not be opened. There were some scratches on the rear fender too, and ever so slightly on the front passenger door.

Many phone calls were made to the respective insurance companies, and her company ended up paying for all of the body work and the rental car (yay Camry…) for the two weeks my car was in the shop. I don’t have rental insurance, so it’s a good thing her company was willing to pay for it, most likely due to the fact that she was at fault.

It was a little confusing dealing with the insurance companies since I wasn’t exactly sure how it was going to work, and there was even a miscommunication when her insurance said they would pay for the repairs, to which I said, “Hell yeah, go for it.” It turned out there was a discrepancy because my insurance was going to pay for it first, then bill her insurance for the repair work. It almost seemed like the two companies hadn’t been communicating with each other, which seemed odd, and for a moment I felt like I was acting as a project manager.

Well my car’s back now, and it’s in the same shape as it was just before the accident. No weird rattling sounds or anything out of the ordinary, and I even got a free wheel alignment out of it (they had to check the suspension)

Monday, April 26, 2010
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