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I’m mostly writing this post so that Google doesn’t think my site is dead and drops me even lower in the search results for my name (This site is coming up second now!). In the mean time, let me see what I can provide updates on:

  • Stopped using Twitter, and don’t plan to return to it any time soon. It got annoying seeing so many people using it just to retweet what other people said, and I realized practically everyone I care about and actually know is already on Facebook.
  • Kinda went on an Xbox 360 gaming frenzy. Finished Assassin’s Creed 2 (which I fondly referred to as Ass Creed 2) which was much better than the first one. Beat Red Faction: Guerilla which honestly got kind of tiring, but it was a short and easy game. Mass Effect 2 was awesome, and it got me wanting to play through the first one again just to get a character all set up for part 3.
  • My dancing has spread from just Salsa to include Bachata (those are my teachers in the video), which I fondly referred to as the “Forbidden Dance” when I first saw it because of how it looks like the guy/girl just grind on each other’s legs on the dance floor. I am quite fond of this dance.
  • I taught an Intro to Web Design (aka the CSS class) at the Art Institute from January to March. I’ll go more in depth about this in a full entry some time later.

Sunday, June 20, 2010
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