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You know what was so great about the last redesign to my site? That everything would keep auto-updating, or at least was easy to update. Tumblr, Twitter, Last.FM, all pulled from their respective sources and required no work on my end. TV and Films were super easy for me to update, so long as I remembered to do so.

And yes, I’m still reading Reading Lolita in Tehran. I should actually probably just give up now. Lost interest in that thing way long ago, actually stopped to read through Cat’s Cradle again (still amazing).

Do I need to give updates here? I guess so.

I occasionally tweet. They’re usually about food. Like 90% of my tweets are about food. I like eating.

I finally went on a vacation. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to Kauai to be a groomsman for my high school friend Richard (congrats buddy!) The ceremony was beautiful, and while the weather varied from pouring to sprinkling to “looking like it’s gonna pour,” it all seemed to clear up for the wedding day.

The trip itself was fairly relaxing. We didn’t do too many activities until the last couple of days, which comprised of powered hang gliding, zip-lining, and snorkeling. The powered hang gliding felt a bit overpriced, but fuck it, we were in Kauai. Zip-lining I would definitely do again, and snorkeling I was only disappointed that we hadn’t done it sooner. Didn’t realize you could rent the gear and just keep it all week long.

More than anything though, it made me realize I hadn’t taken a vacation in a long time, or just taken a break from everything and relaxed. Felt so nice to wake up and not have to really think about anything. Put me down as a fan of not having to think.

Sunday, January 23, 2011
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