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Brand New and Exciting for the New Year


It’s that time again. A whopping three entries were posted on my blog last year, and there’s nothing like a redesigned website to get me posting more regularly again. New and exciting, I wish you lasted much longer.

Honestly though, towards the latter half of 2011 I wanted to start posting photos again and just felt so cramped in my layout. The trend on the web was also starting to go towards big fonts, and being a simple man myself I was starting to favor that style and couldn’t fathom trying to blog in the old layout.

On the design/tech side, the new layout is using web fonts now (No more Arial!), and yes, it’s coded in HTML5.

I’ve already got some blog posts in mind that I’ve been wanting to get out, which you should be seeing over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
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