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The Switch


In March of last year I finally made the switch over to Mac. I previously owned a white MacBook, and before that a PowerBook, but both of those were secondary machines that I just used to test out the operating system and play around with.

Towards the end of my MacBook’s lifespan I found myself using it more and more at home. It was really convenient to use it while sitting on my couch to surf the web, check Facebook, and IM with friends, and that was really all that was required in terms of computing needs. I only turned on my desktop PC when I needed to get work done or play the occasional game.

With my gaming habits dwindling, and the fact that I had already been using a Mac for my machine at work (and thus had a good workflow going, to the point where I was now faster on a Mac vs a PC) encouraged me to make the switch. I ordered the 15″ MacBook Pro, transferred over what files I needed from the PC (great way to clean up HD space btw), sold the desktop PC and white MacBook Craigslist, and I was finally a Mac guy.

It’s coming up on a year now, and I have to say I really love it. My computer had some issues waking up from sleep when I first got it, but a trip to the Genius bar and a few days later it was all fixed. I’m able to do everything I did before with my PC but it just feels easier and nicer to use. Plus, with Parallels I’m now able to test websites on both OS X and Windows with just one machine, and as for gaming, Bootcamp lets me still play PC games when I feel the need. Time Machine is so easy that I finally have a backup of my hard drive, something that I never bothered with before with my PC because I was just too lazy to find a good solution.

I’m more than eager to tell everyone I know to just toss their PC and get a Mac. The ease of use and excellent support Apple offers makes it completely worth it. I’m sick of dealing with the viruses my parents get on their PCs and trying to fix obscure networking issues. Just make the switch, buy a Mac, and enjoy using a computer instead of constantly wrestling with it to make it work the way you want it to.

Thursday, January 5, 2012
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