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Bruxie, “The Bold Fold,” as they call themselves, seemed gimmicky to me. The idea of waffle sandwiches sounds unique and tasty, but in execution felt mediocre. I didn’t find anything special with the waffles themselves, and what they put in the fold did anything but scream delicious.

On my first visit I ordered their buttermilk fried chicken and waffle, and it was bland, dry, and boring. On my second visit a friend went for that very same waffle (because come on, if you’re going to a waffle place you’re ordering their fried chicken and waffle) and came to the same conclusion I had. After two visits to their original location in Old Towne Orange just off Orange Circle, I wrote them off as a fad.

I went with some friends to the newly opened Brea location and figured I’d stick to the sweet waffles since those were good, and there was no way this new location could be any better than the original Bruxie in Orange. I split the Nutella & bananas, and then got a shredded pork listed on their specials menu to balance out the sweet waffle.

Nutella & Bananas Waffle

I enjoyed the shredded pork at first. It had a nice Asian flavor to it, although perhaps a bit heavy on the onions. The Nutella & bananas was awesome and there isn’t even a point in describing it.

Some friends went ahead and ordered the chicken and waffles despite my warnings (heed my warnings!), and it looked quite a bit different from the one I had tasted. The chicken was slathered in honey and there was a good amount of coleslaw (the one I ate had very little honey and almost no coleslaw), and they kept raving about how good it was.

Chicken and Waffles. Photo courtesy of Richard Trinh

I relented and ordered one. And it was everything I imagined chicken and waffles to be. Bruxie, what’s up with the quality control? I’m tempted to give the Orange location another try now, but you failed me twice already. Big thumbs up for the store in Brea though. The line also moved very quickly despite being long, and orders came out much faster than expected.

Also I got a chocolate shake. It was meh.

215 W. Birch Street
Brea, CA 9282

Monday, January 30, 2012
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