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I’m addicted to my iPhone


The guy who everyone assumed would have an iPhone (that’s me) finally got an iPhone.

It’s been just over three months since I first got it, and I thought it’d be good to write up some thoughts and impressions on the iPhone, since this is my very first smartphone.

Nokia, you served me well


Is there even a point in comparing this to my old phone? I used to have a Nokia 1680. Laugh all you want, but I dropped that thing quite a few times and it always kept working. The battery lasted around five days, mostly because nobody ever called me =( I actually got really used to predictive text input, and the camera of course was a piece of crap. And no data plan, obviously.


Obviously I’ve been finding myself being a lot more careful with the iPhone 4s. I’m not using a case or screen protector because I really like the design and the feel of it naked, and so far it’s been fine. Some tiny scratches here and there and just a tiny nick on the front edge, but otherwise it’s still fine. I do have a really nice felt case that’ll be handy to use when traveling or if I participate in some activity that’ll have me worrying that the phone might drop out of my pocket.


The battery, of course, is a big change for me. I have to charge it every day now. I thought this would be a big inconvenience but it hasn’t been terrible. Games eat up the battery like no other. It will easily last me a full day on a full charge, but I was spoiled by the five day battery of my Nokia.

There were some issues with the iPhone 4s when I first got it. I would go to sleep with the battery at 100% and wake up to find it at 80%. iOS 5.0.1 which was released shortly after the launch of the 4s seems to have fixed those issues though.

Sprint & CDMA

Originally I was going to switch from T-Mobile to AT&T, but due to my awesomely sad and frustrating yet kind of hilarious fiasco with their customer service, I ended going over to Sprint. Sprint meant going on a CDMA network, and CDMA meant no simultaneous voice and data. I was a bit worried about not having this feature at first, but I’ve only come across maybe one situation where I found myself needing it.

Data speeds on the other hand are horrible. I’m averaging maybe 0.5 Mbps down and about the same for upload. The most I’ve ever gotten is around 1.80 Mbps down. I’ve compared with friends on AT&T and their speeds blow Sprint’s away. Disappointing, but this is definitely a limitation of Sprint and not Apple.


I don’t really use Siri. She’s handy for setting timers, and that’s maybe about it. Honestly most of the time I forget I even have that feature. I’d like to use it in the car, but right now I don’t have a headset or speakerphone.


Overall, I love it. I still think it’s one of the best smartphone designs out right now, and the retina screen is just so sharp and pretty, I want to lick it. I’ll go more into the apps I use and car integration in a future post.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
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