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Maxing out Dropbox


I managed to max out my Dropbox referrals in three days, following this Lifehacker article on using Google Adwords to your advantage.

For those of you who don’t use it yet, Dropbox provides you with 2GB of free cloud storage, so you an access your files from pretty much anywhere. It’s web-based and has applications you can download for OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. I’ve taken to putting most of my documents and projects and anything else that I readily need access to in there.

2GB isn’t much, but for every person you refer to Dropbox (up to 32), you get another 250MB of space. 500MB if you’ve linked up a .edu account (Follow this sneaky method to get one for yourself if you’re no longer edumacated like me). You can also complete some simple tasks to get another 640MB.

The How

Alright, enough free advertising for Dropbox. This is about me getting free stuff, cause I love free. I came across a post on Slickdeals a few days ago mentioning how to get another 5GB of storage for free by installing a beta version of the software and then uploading photos and video. Done and done.

In that same thread, someone mentioned that Lifehacker had posted a way to max out your referrals by using Google Adwords. At that point I had a measly two referrals (I have no friends). I followed the tutorial, and as of this morning I’m maxed out. It looks like it used up no more than $45 of my free Adwords credit, and at the end of all this I’ve got 26GB of free storage.


A couple of things of note: I didn’t follow the Lifehacker article to the letter. I saw some mention of limiting the CPC to $0.05 instead of just letting it auto-bid, and it did seem to work quite a bit better, letting me get more ads out.

It’s also really interesting to see the e-mail addresses of the people who signed up. Of the 40 people who joined (if they don’t install the app then I don’t get the credit, hence 8 more users than the 32 max):

  • 13 Gmail
  • 11 Hotmail
  • 8 Yahoo
  • 8 Other

Just something to keep in mind, that despite Gmail being so amazing, a lot of people are still using other e-mail services. And for those of you who are, why the hell aren’t you on Gmail yet?

I’m super happy the Dropbox referrals worked out though. This just gives me even more confidence in the idea of putting everything “offline” and running smaller hard drives in PCs in the future.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
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