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Apple March 7th Event Thoughts


Apple’s got an event going on tomorrow, where they’re widely expected to reveal the next version of their iPad.

My guesses? Retina screen (2048×1536 resolution), the pricing will be the same as the current iPad 2s, it’s getting 4G LTE, and the design will be largely the same, just with slight adjustments in the taper as we’ve been seeing in leaked photos. I’m liking the recent rumors that it will be called the iPad HD as opposed to iPad 3.

What do I think isn’t happening? The home button going away (no way in hell that’s happening), a haptic screen, or a smaller form-factor.

Rumors keep speculating on a 7″ version of the iPad coming out to compete with the Kindle Fire. I think that’s plausible, but if they just lowered the prices of the iPad 2 then I think that’s enough in their way of competing. Sure, it’s not smaller, but the price is going to be a lot closer.

I’m also expecting the AppleTV to be updated – hopefully with 1080p support this time. I feel like this is going to be the one to catch us off-guard.

Lastly are the MacBook Pros, which are about due for a redesign. I keep hearing that they’re all going to turn into slim MacBook Air-like models, which I can completely see happening. It feels unlikely that this will be announced tomorrow though as it’s going to steal the thunder from the rest of the announcements.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
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