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Predictions for Apple’s WWDC 2012 Keynote


It’s time for more Apple speculation! Apple’s keynote is scheduled for 10am tomorrow, and here’s what I think is going to be announced.

The MacBook Pro lineup is getting switched around. The 15″ will be getting a retina screen and a slimmer form. I’m expecting the 17″ to go away – despite the love it gets from the creative professionals, the 17″ apparently only accounts for around 2% of all MacBook Pro sales.

I’m a bit conflicted about the 13″ MacBook Pro. It’s their top-selling MacBook, but it’s getting to the point where any of the Air models would suffice. I keep seeing the 13″ MBP as the ultimate student computer, so it’s hard to guess what will happen here. A retina feels unlikely as I feel Apple is going to be pushing that on the 15″ to sell it as a true Professional model marketed for the creative professionals.

This is going along with the price list that leaked last week, showing the 15″ MBP is going to be starting at around $2499. A huge jump from where it is today, but again, I’m really seeing Apple as selling this for the hardcore users out there. Keep in mind that if the 17″ goes away, then it leaves the 15″ as the only true Pro.

iMac and MacBook Air will keep the same designs, and just get the usual internal upgrades. The Mac Pro is long overdue for an upgrade. Nobody’s even hinted at a change in the design, so we’ll see if Apple surprises us there.

Nothing will be mentioned of the new iPhone. No way no how. Sure there’s been a lot of leaks lately, but I bet they’re really just prototypes that are leaking from the factory.

I’d rather stay away from the iOS 6 speculation since most of that has already been guessed and solidified – moving away from Google Maps, Siri for iPad, blah blah stuff most people won’t care about. I’m really excited to see this retina screen stuff happen on the MacBook though. If it really is announced, it’s going to be a major game changer.

Sunday, June 10, 2012
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