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Way back in March, I finally traveled out to visit some friends who had moved out of state. My first stop was Austin, TX, to stay with Patrick and Linh who I’ve known since high school. This was my first time in Austin, and it’s a nice little city. Felt like it had a good mix of city life and outdoor activities.

Also, every single restaurant had gluten-free this and free-range that labeled on their menus. The city was a lot greener than I had imagined, and definitely get some Blue Bell ice cream while you’re there. So good.

Big thanks to Pat and Linh and Leah for letting me stay with them.

Margarita from Trudy’s

Pat and Linh’s adorable daughter Leah, looking at me kinda suspiciously because she didn’t know me that well yet.

Whataburger Mighty Fine. Pretty good, but I think In-N-Out is better.

We got hot dogs at Frank. I’m pretty sure this is Mac and Cheese on top of the hot dog.

I forget what exactly is in this one, but those are Fritos on top.

Po Boy

Mmm BBQ from Salt Lick.

This is the line for Franklin BBQ, which is only open from 11am to whenever they sell out. This looked to be about 100 people, and at this point they told us most of the good stuff would be sold out when we got to the window in about two hours. Next time I’m back in Austin this will be my mission.

BBQ from Whole Foods. Not too bad actually

Leah’s “face” just cause.

Thursday, June 21, 2012
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