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Living Room


Just in case you hadn’t heard, I bought a town home in September of last year, and officially moved in October.

It’s out in Orange, in a little community called the Chapman Townhomes. It’s been a great community so far, and the HOA is a bit steeper than I wanted, but hey, I got a stream in my backyard. Can’t really beat that.

Instead of inundating the post with dozens of photos, I realized it’ll be better if I break it down room-by-room. Let’s start with the living room, since it’s mostly finished and where most of my focus has been anyway.


Some people have told me they liked the green. To those people, I say you’re crazy. I also wasn’t terribly fond of the fireplace. It might’ve looked better with some paint, but I just wanted it nice and clean.






Paint going on, fireplace wood accents getting torn down.




End result

Pretty much all of the furniture in my living room is new. Sofa from Thrive Furniture, Noguchi from Craigslist ($200!), Eames Plywood from Hautelook (wish I had a red one too), TV cabinet and area rug from IKEA. The Barcelonas I had at my old apartment.

The fireplace is in the process of being updated now, and the bottom has already been covered up with granite. I’ll save those shots for the finished product though.

And ignore that “wetbar” behind the sofa. Still gotta figure out what to do with that eyesore. Gotta admit I enjoy the storage space though.

Monday, February 4, 2013
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