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As I’m sure all my friends on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter know, I’ve recently gotten into archery. No, not because of the Hunger Games – I’ve actually always been sort of fascinated by archery. I was really into Robin Hood when I was younger, and usually when I play a video game I choose the character with the bow and arrows.

Now with my unemployment I said screw it, I’m gonna buy a bow and go practice with all this free time I have. I considered just renting equipment for a while, but at $25 each time, it would have started adding up really quickly. Santiago Park is just ten minutes from where I live and has a free outdoor range where I’ve been shooting regularly. Everyone there has been really friendly, and I even met an instructor who’s given me a few lessons. I’ve also just started lessons at El Dorado Park in Long Beach (free as well.)


I shoot a recurve bow in what is considered Olympic style. I actually don’t know why it’s called that aside from it being the style that is shot in the Olympic games. For those of you who are curious about my setup:

W&W Sebastian Flute Forged Plus Riser
W&W/SF Axiom Plus Limbs – 25# Long
SURE-LOC Contender-X Target Sight


The sight I just added on a few days ago, and already I’m seeing a big improvement. It was advised to shoot without one at first so that I would focus on form and not worry about aiming, which really made sense to me. I’m somewhat disheartened when I see new shooters with sights on their bows already, and their form is completely off. Everyone’s got their own methods though.

The most interesting thing I’ve found about archery are the similarities it has to golf. I used to play a lot of golf back in high school, and it’s a lot of the same techniques. Repetition, consistency, and remembering everything your body has to do to pull off the shot correctly.

For anyone else out there curious about getting into recurve archery, this is an excellent equipment list from Anthony Camera, who also wrote a great book for beginning archers called ‘Shooting the Stickbow‘.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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